Monday, September 7, 2009

It's About "School" (Updated)

Pandora, over at DelawareLiberal has posted the text, as prepared for delivery, of the President's planned speech to students on Tuesday. I took the liberty of running it through wordle to see what the top 75 words would be.

Apparently, it's all about "School."

So much for "indoctrination."

There is an argument developing in the comments on Pandora's post that seeks to change the story about why there was an uproar. But one thing seems clear to me: It (the uproar) is pretty much just a load of crap and should be ignored. The problem I see is that uproar appears to be the preferred mode of public discourse these days.

It's a shame, really.

UPDATE: DelawareDem was kind enough to add a link to this post in another post on the subject on DelawareLiberal (turn-about=fair play?). The argument that ensued led me to try to do exactly the same wordle word cloud of a Ronald Reagan speech to students when he was president, back in 1988:

Please forgive the line on the left. I did a less accurate job with teh screen capture. It looks, from this, like Mr. Reagan's topic was a bit more political than Mr. Obama's.


pandora said...

Thanks for posting this, Mike. Interesting how prominent the word "revolution" is.

Unstable Isotope said...

"One world revolution" Oh look, he talked about change. That must have infected my mind since I was in school when Reagan gave this speech. (I don't remember it.)

Learon Dalby said...

This whole thing is crazy. I don't care if you are republican or democrat. He is the President of the United States. I am not sure the President talking to kids in school can be a bad thing regardless. If the talk is out of line we will elect a new President. That is the beautiful thing about America -land of the free, home of the brave.

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