Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Barn in the Spotlight

This old barn, at the intersection of Clay Road and kings Highway, outside of Lewes, Delaware, has been much in focus lately. It is on a tract of land that is proposed to be turned into a regional shopping center.

This proposal is strongly opposed by most people in the Lewes area. It's an unpopular place for a shopping center and, I think, a bad idea from an economics standpoint -- we don't need more shopping and this could threaten existing retail outlets.

As a result of all the concern, I think, I've noticed a strong increase in people stopping along the road to take its picture.

Now, I note, local painter Kim Klabe is talking about making it the subject of one of her canvases:
...just in case the developers win and the barn gets torn down. Saw it from a different angle the other morning and had one of those AAAAAhhhhhh, look at that...moments.
It's a pretty barn. I'd like to see what Kim does with it.

When the development plan for that property first came forward, the developers talked about saving the barn and turning it into a restaurant. I thought that was a good idea. They've since backed away from that idea.

That's a shame.


Ron Tipton said...

If enough pressure is put on the local politicians, the developers won't win. My brother, who lives in Greenville, South Carolina, encountered a similar situation about 20 years ago. He and his neighbors didn't think they had a chance of preventing development of a beautiful open parcel of land. But, just for the heck of it, they put all their energy into opposing development on that piece of land. Much to their surprise, they won and that land is open today.

Do not give up. That lovely open field on Kings Highway deserves to stay just the way it is.

Life On The Edges said...

I've never stopped to take a photo yet, but I see the potential every time I drive by there. I hope the opposition wins and the barn stays.

Kim Klabe said...

Hey Mike - the painting is in process as we speak and will be done this week. I will post a pic as soon as its done. Thanks for the shout-out, hope you're well!

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