Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shameless Self-Promotion #219

I'm very happy to report that I've had another photograph picked up by Delaware Today magazine. My photo of the spire on Legislative Hall, in Dover, is the "cover" of the magazine's annual Kent County Guide.

I added quotation marks to "cover" because this is really the full page intro to a section within the March issue of the magazine. But still, I'm proud that my hobby is yielding pictures deemed worthy by a pro art director. This is my third picture in Delaware Today. I had the Kent Guide and the Fall Beach Guide last year.

I took this picture in September of 2006 on one of my lunchtime walks around downtown Dover. It was a lovely fall day, with blue skies and fluffy clouds. Looking back over the photos from that day, it looks like I spent most of my lunch hour wandering around the Old Green, the colonial-era center of town about a block over from the current Legislative Mall with our present Legislative Hall and most government buildings.

I'm still wandering around at lunch, but I worry sometimes that I have already photographed everything within walking distance of my office. Luckily, there are still changes being made, so patience will likely earn me new things to photograph.

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John Mahaffie said...

Mike, well done again. It's composition, you have it, and it can't be taught. I know, because I don't have it.

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