Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Not Sure...

...but I suspect some sort of cross-over project between the Mythbusters and Penn & Teller might be in the works.

The image at right is a screenshot from twitter this evening. It documents a lunch meeting involving Adam Savage, who tweets as @donttrythis, and Penn Jillette, who tweets as @pennjillette. It appears that Teller might have been at the lunch, though he is silent (as usual), and maybe Jamie Hyneman, though he seems too cool to tweet.

I follow both Penn and Savage on twitter. I am a fan of both. Adam Savage is a refreshingly open and accessible (on-line at any rate) TV star. He also checks-in at MetaFilter and has been known to take part in on-line discussions there and to call on the hive-mind for research help.

This is an example of what I find so cool about the social web; I did a routine check on my twitter feeds this evening (after a lovely dinner with the delicious Karen), and here were two tweets from the same star-surrounded table somewhere out west. I feel connected.

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Joe said...

This would be awesome.

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