Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In Fort Worth

fort worth morning
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I'm in Fort Worth, Texas, for a few days, for a leadership retreat of the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC). We're here for just two nights, with meetings for an afternoon and evening, a whole full day, and a morning, before flying back home.

There's not much time to look around, but I stepped out this morning and again just before the sun sank to grab a few photos of the downtown. I hope to get out again tomorrow morning. Fort Worth seems to have a compact and walkable downtown, but it has been quiet when I've been out.

My trip to this Fort Worth Hilton was a minor odyssey. I managed to get on the wrong "SuperShuttle" van at Dallas/Fort Worth International and got a bonus tour of downtown Dallas before catching the right van into Fort Worth. Next time I won't trust the fellow in the yellow windbreaker, with the clip-board, at the shuttle stop to make sure I don't get on the wrong van.


Duffy said...

Um...even after looking at their web page. I have no idea how one governs more effectively through "geospatial technologies".

Mike Mahaffie said...

Ironically, one odf the things we're looking at in retreat is maybe making the "why" and "how" more clear on the web site and in other outreach materials.

If I take a crack at it, I would say that all levels of government can be streamlined and do a better job of serving constituents if they take advantage of geospatial data and GIS tools that can help with the management of stuff and with planning services. Our task at NSGIC is to help the states, specifically, do a better job of using and sharing that sort of data.

Anonymous said...

And to think it all started with an on-air job at WJOK.


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