Friday, October 24, 2008

Grand Opening: Crumb's

Grand Opening: Crumb's
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I watched a grand opening in downtown Dover this week. The Dover Mayor, a councilman, and local economic development folks joined the owners of Crumb's in cutting a ribbon on Thursday at around noon.

A few of us walked uptown to try the place out and watch the ribbon get cut. My colleague Laura (second from the left here) is involved in things Dover and wanted to attend. My friend, and former colleague, Anne Marie is the city's head of inspections and planning. She's holding the roght side of the ribbon in this picture.

Anne Marie and her husband Mike T. (one of my golf buddies and a GIS pro) joined us for lunch. Th place has pretty good food and makes a nice addition to the downtown choices.

There are now four newish lunch choices on Loockerman Street, in Dover. I'm still loyal to my friends at 33 West, but it's neat to have a few other choices, a few other styles from which to choose.

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