Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sixth Golf Game of 2008

Andy, Rich (from Connecticut), and I played the Man O'War course at Glen Riddle, just west of Ocean City, Maryland, today. Rich and his family were down to visit and Andy and his crew. When they come to visit, it often means a golf-orgy for Andy and Rich; I'm pleased to join in sometimes too.

Glen Riddle Golf Club is part of the a large golf and residential development built on the old Glen Riddle Farm. This was the home of champion thoroughbreds Man O'War and his offspring War Admiral, who won the Triple Crown in 1937. Another of his offspring sired Seabiscuit.

There are two golf courses, named for the two most famous residents. They partly incorporate the old training track, which serves as a long sand trap at one point. That's my ball in that trap in the picture. In the background is an old starting-gate.

I don't recall which hole this was, but it was typical of my game today. I hit a solid, straight, if not hugely long first shot. My second was very nice as well, but fell short of the green (into the sand there). This is how I approached many holes; the problems started here. In this case I hit too firm out of the sand and flew over the green. I had to chip back on, and my putting is only so-so. The result, a two-over 6, if I was lucky. On other holes I was tentative on my chips and fell too short.

I ended with a 111. Andy kindly said that he thought I'd played better than that score. That was nice of him. I enjoyed the Glen Riddle course. Lots of challenges and changes and surprises.

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