Sunday, August 10, 2008

Seventh Golf Game of 2008

Andy, Rich and I played a storm-interrupted 18 holes at The Rookery Golf Club today.

We had to scamper off the course from the 13th hole when a huge thunderstorm that had been passing south of us paused and started drifting our way. It never hit the course full-on, but most of the golfers out there decided it was a good time for a short break; a beer and a hot dog.

Andy said, as we raced towards the clubhouse, "I have a rational fear of lightning."

I played badly, scoring an unacceptable 121. I want to apologize to golfers everywhere, to Ben Hogan, to the Calloway Golf Company and to the people of Scotland.

Golf is a mental game. You can destroy your swing by thinking about it too much. The first tee is the worst place, sometimes. You tee off in front of a "starter" who watches you, clipboard in hand, and seems to be thinking about just how much you are going to slow-down the flow of golfers. And there are usually a group of golfers behind you, waiting their turn, and watching every move you make. And so, you think about it. And thus you swing can be... rough.

So I flubbed my first drive and I tried too hard on the subsequent shots to make up for it. And I tried to be too fast, thinking about the group behind us. I started poorly on that first hole and never quite caught up over the next 17, though there were a few shots, here and there, to make me proud.

And yet I still had a very good time. I made small adjustments and fixed things a little. I had shots that felt and looked great. And I spent time with friends.

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