Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Word Cloud

I wanted to try another of these wordle word-clouds. This one is a cloud of the tags I use in A more practical and clickable version of this has long lived at the lowest left-hand spot on this blog, of course, but I think this gives an accurate picture of what my focus is when I browse the web and mark things for further use.

I search mostly for items of and about Delaware. Many of these I find in my work for state government; I track land-use issues among county and municipal governments. Many of these I mark for inclusion on various pages of my office's web site; we use items relating to land-use planning, about proposals reviewed under the PLUS Process, on the US Census, and about the use and sharing of geospatial data (GIS stuff). I've also used tags to supplement an aggregation of state GIS coordination RSS feeds that I help maintain for the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC).

I still want to take another crack at a family-tree wordle. The one I did the other night was just a selection from among the Mahaffies on my tree. I'm trying to figure out a way to extract all 1,700 of the people on my family tree and make a wordle from that last.

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Nancy Willing said...

I imagine that you are on top of the HB 268 ad 269 fiasco then.
Yuck. Yuckie. Yuckiest all rolled in one. Jud Bennett says they have been set aside.
I wonder what effect such de-centralization would have had on the PLUS process?

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