Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sometimes I Just Want to Take a Walk

I was walking in downtown Dover this week, headed up to 33 West for a Caesar salad, and I found myself wanting to keep on walking west. For long, long time. When I was younger I used to get these urges to take up travel as a lifestyle.

At different times I have wanted to live on a coastal schooner, I have wanted to ride a bike across the nation, and I have wanted to drive around the outside of the US. Generally I have thought that I should make my living writing about the experience or taking lots of pictures.

That feeling came back as I walked into a stiff cool wind on Monday. The walking warmed me and I thought, "I could do this all day." I had a brief daydream of walking by easy stages across the country, carrying a small backpack, my camera, and a laptop. I could blog about it and post lots of pictures, supporting myself with discrete, tasteful ads and maybe a paypal tip-jar.

I could work my way along back roads and through small towns. I could plan my trip to match the seasons, visiting south in the winter and north in the summer. I'd maybe camp-out sometimes, but I'd take full advantage of motels and hot showers. (I'm not that young anymore.) I would simply walk across the country, visiting places.

It was just a daydream. I'm happy in my life as a dedicated husband and dad, a state worker, and a long-term Lewes-ite. But sometimes it is fund to think about being completely different; to think about taking a long walk.



Hi - ended up here because of Ron's suggestion....

I did that thing with going across the United States; small towns, etc. From age 54 to age 59, I lived in my motor-home; drove myself, and had a wonderful time.

I love 'small-town' America for seeing what is really 'true' and a bit more 'pure' than in the big cities I've lived in.

I like the big cities' cultural choices; miss that now that we've chosen to retire in a smaller town environment (but since it's a tourist and gambling mecca, it brings in lots of people that are interesting to meet).

I enjoy 'the Cajun' - between he and Ron, I've certainly had a great time these past couple weeks - sounds like you've got quite a community of 'bloggers' there, and ones that know how to write well; keep us 'informed', and the joy in each person's remarks, is refreshing.

Guess that's about it - take care; I'll come back again. Diane

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