Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In the Memetime, Here's a Six Five-Word Memoir

Elbert has tagged me for another one of those blog-memes where you play along and then tag it forward. In this case, the task is to post a six-word memoir (you've heard of these, right?), link back to the person who tagged you, and then tag five more.

I hesitated, but then I realized that I've had a five-word memoir posted as part of my Blogger Profile for a while now:
Remarkably self-absorbed. Since 1962.
I'm not sure I can do better than that.

So, who to tag? Why not a few other Delawareans...
There you go. Who can do four words?


the cajun said...

You have been tagged with a simple little personal meme.
Don't know if there is a way to crate a hyperlink, so here's the URL.


Arlene said...

OK, I accepted your challenge.


nitewrit said...

This is an apology to you for comments I made to Retired in Delaware. Ron has been a friend since we were both in third grade. In a comment on his Blog you said you "tagged him as one of those annoying blog memes" or words similar to that. My thoughts on reading it turned to memetics and those engrossed with deep discussions of memes being a kind of social virus, sometimes good, sometimes bad. I misinterpreted your remarks as dismissing my friend and being degrading to him. I assured him since my own Blog deals heavily with faith issues, that I would quickly be dismissed as an annoying meme, based on some ememtic's views. I didn't realize this was a game of "tag" of a type I am sure he enjoys. My friend now thinks me oversensitive and negative, whereas in reality I only had his feelings at heart. I apologize to you for jumping to the wrong conclusion and even demanding an explanation from you. If I had waited and read Retired in Delaware's latest post I would have seen the error of my ways and not taken an innocent man to task. Please forgive my stupidity.


Mike Mahaffie said...

No worries, LEM. I saw that, but assumed it was a misunderstanding. I probably should have spoken up at that point but I got pulled away into other activities.

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