Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another Echo

The Atkins saga doesn't appear to be ending locally, and I'm hearing more echoes nationally.

WGMD and others are keeping an eye on the reappearance of John Atkins campaign signs in the 41st District. And, although the disgraced former Representative stepped down under pressure and under investigation for possible drunk driving, a minor domestic disturbance, and (to be charitable) mis-statements to the ethics committee, he has published what looks rather like a campaign letter in the Cape Gazette today (I agree with Dan Gaffney, film at eleven).

This is not to mention the brief attempt to oust the very mensch-like Dave Burris for daring to point out the relative nakedness of this particular demi-emperor.

Meanwhile, a blog on the web site of the National Council of State Legislators -- The Thicket -- has picked up the story with a meditation on how well our system actually works:
...as an institution the Delaware House showed its collective wisdom and the strength of a democratic system based on due process, common sense and moral fortitude. The House Ethics Committee did it's job under tremendous pressure and public scrutiny.
Delaware prides itself on being "The First State." In this troublesome case of member misconduct, the House and the entire Delaware Legislature showed its First State pride, demonstrating through actions, not just words, the strength and integrity of our democratic institutions.
I don't disagree with this reading of what's gone on so far. I just don' think this is over yet.


Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated, but if you never tracked down Steve Stavros, Neil Rapmund keeps up with him.



Nancy Willing said...

huh, you have put Dave Burris' role in all of this into a new light for me.
It would seem that Atkins REALLY has his sights set on Dave.
I miss Burris making the rounds on the DE Blogs. I sincerely hope that when the election is safely out of the way, we will have him back.

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