Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Update: Who's Suing the School Board Now?

One news story that came through while we were frolicking in Florida sunshine was the newest lawsuit against the Indian river Board of Education.

This time, according to the News Journal story last Wednesday (Insurer sues Indian River School District), the suit stems from their refusal to settle their last lawsuit.
The Indian River School District is being sued by its insurance company, reportedly for rejecting a proposed settlement by the families that filed a federal civil rights lawsuit suit against the district over school prayer.
One part of me wonders whether there's an ethical issue here for the insurance company, but on reflection I suppose they must have a clause in their contract on which to rest their suit.

The News Journal addressed the issue in an Op-Ed this past Saturday (Indian River will pay dearly if it refuses a legal settlement).
Just when it appeared the religious discrimination lawsuit against the Indian River School Board had reached the pinnacle of absurdity, a new twist has left the district and its taxpayers vulnerable to more financial obligations.
I'm no fan of the excess of Christian demonstrativeness by the School Board, but I don't think I'd have sued over it. And, I guess I understand the Board's defensive reaction to the suit, but I think they should have accepted a settlement that their insurer would have paid (if I understand correctly).

Final Irony? Here's a note from the Wednesday story:
School Board President Charles Bireley said Tuesday he was served with a copy of the lawsuit on Easter Sunday.

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