Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Irony, Thy Name Is (Apparently) "Smyrna"

I got a pre-dawn chuckle out of this story in the News Journal this morning: Smyrna mayor's camera catches thieves.
The security system at Smyrna Mayor Mark Schaeffer's home, which figured in the arrest of his neighbor and Town Council rival last year, has captured photographic evidence of a crime in progress -- the theft of campaign signs from neighbors' lawns.
If you have followed the election follies in Smyrna over the last few years, you're probably laughing now too.

For those of you who have not, suffice it to say that the Mayor's cameras are up, at least in part, because of political foes living next door. Who were among those whose lawn signs were stolen. Signs which supported the man running against the Mayor.

I'd say that this story will have a lively existence among Delaware Bloggers. As for me, it's time to head off to work.

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