Tuesday, January 10, 2006

End of the Season

Christmas Tree
This is what happens when your Christmas Tree dries out drastically. This is what was left after we had removed the decorations and lights and lifted the tree out of its stand.

We keep our tree up at least through January 7 each year. The seventh is Christmas Day in the Eastern Orthodox Catholic faith. Karen was raised in that church, and we married in that church. Karen now hangs out with the Methodists, but we like to keep a link to the Orthodox faith as well.

We worried that this tree wouldn't last until Little Christmas this year. It made it -- barely -- and now it's time to take the tree out to the state park for recycling.


Dana Garrett said...

What an artful photograph. You have many.

I will add you to my blogroll tonight but w/ some trepidation. You see, I some post my photos on my blog telling myself that they are good. But when I see yours, I wonder if I am even pointing the camera in the right direction.

jason said...

Whatever you do, don't go artificial.

Nancy Willing said...

This blog, like Politakid's is a refreshingly colorful and artfully thoughtful post site without wielding a heavy-handed partisan slant.

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