Thursday, November 3, 2005

An Anachronism

An Anachronism
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Visiting the New Castle County Government Center today, I had occasion to visit the Gent's. I was interested to note, as I looked around me, that the building's bathrooms (the Men's anyway) are still provided with individual, wall-mounted ashtrays.

We've had a ban on indoor smoking in Delaware for several years now. The building proudly proclaims itself smoke-free on signs posted at the entrance. And I am anti-smoking in the annoying way that only we ex-smokers have mastered.

And yet... I found the continued presence of these cute little shaped metal ashtrays somehow charming.


Jeff said...

Makes a for a nice shelf to put your keys on though.

Anonymous said...

Just what are you doing taking pictures in a bathroom? Catch anyone interesting? There may be a name for people like you - and it ain't "normal."

Mike said...

The bathroom was empty. Except for me. And I gave myself permission.

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