Thursday, October 13, 2005

Petty Complaint Number 3,576

Here is something I've noticed among drivers: leaving a full car-length between yourself and the car ahead of you when stopped at a red light.


Maintaining proper distance from other cars while riding down the road is important. It's wise to leave plenty of stopping distance. I think it makes sense to keep your distance when in stop-and-go traffic. But, while waiting at a traffic light?

It's not usually a major problem for me, of course. There are times when I'm blocked from entering the turning lane by the car that waits a car-length back. That has cost me a traffic-light cycle of waiting time more than once. But I am patient; I can handle this.

Still. Why?


The Delawarean said...

I thought about this post as I was driving down 13 in Dover today and saw a car get sandwiched at a light. If he had left a cushion in between him and the vehicle ahead of him, chances are he would've only sustained rear damage. Or even better he could have eased forward to give the screeching car behind him more room to stop had he been looking.

Maybe that's why?

Mike said...

That's a good observation, Del. Maybe I'll start leaving a little more space.

R. Marie said...

I know exactly what you mean. I can't understand it myself.

Stationery Queen said...

It's so when the ass speeding up behind me that doesn't see the red light because he's dialing his cell phone and eating a hamburger almost hits me, or does hit me, I won't hit the person in front of me. It's not MY fault, it's BAD DRIVER's faults.

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