Friday, September 10, 2004

Sweet 16th!

Today is Karen and my 16th wedding anniversary. Wow. This is evidence of Karen's remarkable patience and kindness.

We married in an Orthodox Catholic Church in Potomac, Maryland. Lots of kneeling.

Our reception was a drunken revel, near as I can tell. I think Karen and I were the only sober adults when we rolled out of there to our wedding night at the Admiral Fell Inn, in Baltimore.

We flew off to Switzerland on our honeymoon the next day. We took a Swissair flight and when we plugged in the headphones and dialed up pop music we had a pleasant surprise: music we hadn't heard (endlessly) before. We found music from the first album from Fairground Attraction. It was their one real hit "Perfect." This led us, eventually, to Eddi Reader.

This was the first music discovery of our married life together; it hasn't been the last. Music is a major part of our lives and Karen has brought me great joy with her knowledge and love of music.

I was pleasantly surprised to come across a music-blog entry about Fairground Attraction and Eddi Reader this week on WomenFolk (a well put together blog focused on women in music). I was inspired to look for the latest Eddi Reader recording at the music store in the local mall here in Dover where I work. Nothing in the bins, so I checked with the young man behind the counter, who consulted the computer:
"Eddi Reader? Oh yeah, we don't have any of his stuff in stock. I can order it for you..."
Never mind. I did find a copy of Art Garfunkel's EVERYTHING WAITS TO BE NOTICED which features Garfunkel with two other singers that sounded interesting. Worth a listen, part of our ongoing journey of discovery. Karen took it on her commute this morning, we'll see what she thinks!


Robbie said...

Don't you just love it when the staff at a music have no knowledge whatsoever of music?

I'm sorry you're having difficulty finding Eddi's latest album. I'd suggest

I have half the mind of buying it for you myself for saying such kind words about Womenfolk.

Jennifer said...

You could also try They seem to have a good selection of Eddi Reader. Plus it's a nice organization.

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