Monday, September 6, 2004

BBC - North East Wales Weird Guide - Weird

BBC - North East Wales Weird Guide - Weird: "Sightings map
A map of UFO and ghost sightings as posted by contributors in NE Wales. Click on the points to find out more. Plus, we're now receiving stories from around the world."

I found this by chance while jump-surfing this evening. Somehow, I was on a web site dedicated to the government of Wales, in the United Kingdom and stumbled across this section. I was struck at first by the use of a clickable map -- geospatial intelligence -- to navigate among paranormal sightings. I was hooked, however, when I found comments like:

Kristle from everywhere
I've had visions and things for years, since I was born... of various places throughout England and the surrounding areas. I know they are true. They haunt me on a daily basis. You are not crazy, my dear, you have an old soul.

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