Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is Molly Lewis. She Made This Song Which I Really Like (For Several Reasons)

Let's start with a few basic facts. I am, and have been for a while, a fan of Stephen Fry. He's a hugely intelligent and terribly interesting writer, actor, director, etc. I first found him when he and his then performing partner Hugh Laurie (who I also really like) put together a TV series of PG Wodehouse stories (I love PG Wodehouse's writing too).

I also like quirky music, idiosyncratic singer-songwriters, and female vocalists. And I like real songs; too much of music these days is just an excuse for elaborate stage shows and dancers. There's nothing wrong with dance, but I like musicians and singers who play and sing songs.

So this evening I found this, by way of MetaFilter. It's by Molly Lewis and is a sung open letter to Stephen Fry, who is gay, proposing a combining of genetic material to improve the human genome.

I understand Mr. Fry heard this when it came out last spring and was charmed. I just think it's cool.


Jonathan said...

Did you learn that last week Molly performed this song for Mr. Fry at the Harvard Secular Society, which which honored him with their Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism?

See his reaction here:


Terrible sound quality, but you know the lyrics, and song, this is just to see the reaction!

Mike Mahaffie said...

Oh, thank you! I knew that this was happening but had not seen a video, yet.

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