Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Guess "Flat Featureless Former Cornfield Estates" Was Taken

Driving down Delaware Route 30 from Gravel Hill to Millsboro today, I spotted two new subdivisions with nonsense names: Stoney Ridge Estates and Kingston Ridge.

Sussex County Delaware is distinguished by its flatness. We start at sea-level and rise gently to around 40 feet above sea-level. Gravel Hill itself is one of the few places even close to worthy of the name "hill" (other than the landfill). It goes up to about 50 feet above sea-level for very short stretch.

The nearest "ridge" is a two-hour drive to the north, in northern New Castle County.

By the way, "Stoney" Ridge? This is essentially a large sand-spit of a peninsula. One thing we don't have a whole lot of is stones.


Richard said...

As a person who lives on Stoney Creek Lane I can assure that we've got stones up here in Northern Delaware.

Since when has the truth ever gotten in the way of marketing.

Mike Mahaffie said...

Ah! True. But you live up in the Piedmont and not on the Delmarva Peninsula, I think?

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