Saturday, July 17, 2010

At a Jack Johnson Concert

At a rock concertI heard a story on NPR the other day that outlined the lag in the concert business this summer. Ticket sales are down and some shows and even some tours have been cancelled.

Ironically, this year has been my family's busiest concert year in some time.

Karen, the girls, and I cruised down to Virginia Beach on Friday for a Jack Johnson concert. The opening acts were ALO and G Love. It was a great show.

We were all four of us already Jack Johnson fans. The concert cemented that for us and gave us a good introduction to ALO and G Love. 

Jack Johnson uses his tour to connect people with his All At Once social action network, and with local non-profits who are invited to take part in the "village green" that he establishes outside each show. We chatted with folks from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Food & Water Watch before the show.

By the way, we read that Johnson has dedicated all of his profit from this tour to charity. I think that's pretty cool.


Life On The Edges said...

Sounds like an awesome show - I'll have to keep an eye out for next time he's in the area. I think I have all his albums on my iPod, but I don't go to many concerts.

Tammy said...

I was at the VA Beach show and it was awesome! I loved G Love and Jack on Rodeo Clowns. Aside from the heat, it was a fantastic experience, and great to see what Jack is doing to educate and get folks involved in environmental issues through All At Once and the Village Green!

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