Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fun With History

From time to time I come across a bit of family history out on the great web. This evening, I found a page from Evangelical Magazine and Gospel Advocate of July 18, 1835, announcing a family wedding.

Here on page 232, the first entry under "Marriages," is the announcement of the marriage of one set of my great-great-great-grandparents.

Harrison Otis Henry and Phoebe Maria Gibson were wed on June 18 of 1835, in Rome, New York. Their son Harrison L. Henry married Susan Tucker and fathered Honora Henry, whose brief marriage to James Cooper produced, in 1892, my grandmother Isabel Ruth Cooper.


Mike Mahaffie said...
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Mike Mahaffie said...

I forgot to mention that this treasure is due to the on-going Google book-scanning project. This one was scanned in the fall of 2008, after my first round of ancestor-searching. This reminds me that it is worth re-running some searches to see what else has been scanned lately.

John Mahaffie said...

Great find, Mike. Do you have some standing alerts for some of the names, or do you simply re-search?

By the way, we have a letter Harrison wrote his intended, done as a newspaper, with headlines, etc. I will work to scan and transcribe it for wider sharing.

Anonymous said...

My father has made a CD of your grandfather's music (so he says, I know nothing) and would like to send you a copy. If interested, please email me at

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