Saturday, December 19, 2009

Food for a Rainy, Snowy Day

With Delaware forecast to get a winter storm of biblical proportions (did they have snow in the Bible?), I thought today would be a good day for a crockpot meal. Thus, we have Crockpot Experiment #219.

This morning I started what I hope to be a tasty, hearty dinner. I documented the steps both in the slideshow above and in a series of tweets (#crockpot219).

This one includes potatoes, beef (browned with spices and garlic), peas, sweet corn, condensed french onion soup, and an old beer from the back of the fridge. I'll try to add updates when it is un-crockpotted later this evening.

Update: We ate this at about 6 pm, over bismati rice. I paired it with a recent Yuengling lager. It went over well, though Colleen disapproves of the peas. It had thickened nicely; browning the meat with flour seemed to help. (8:30 p.m.)

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the cajun said...

Merry Christmas.

Next time, try using thin sliced celery and/or green peppers in place of the peas. Looks like the potatoes were not over cooked and the meat was tender. Looks delicious.

Without a proper oven I use crock pots a lot and I've learned that written recipes aren't fool proof and each pot has its own temperment (?)so I always dream up things that usually go well together and put a twist on the ingredients and cooking times.

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