Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Let's Go Surfin' Now, Everybody's Learnin' How..."

Colleen and Christina took a surfing lesson while we were at Waikiki. We signed them up with the Hans Hedemann Surf School, which takes medium sized groups out and offers a pretty good student to teacher ratio.

Things started on the surf shop, where the students were fitted out with board shirts and shoes and long boards. They got some basic instruction there and had a chance for a dry run before carrying their boards down to the beach and setting out.

The instructors had them all shoved off into the waves and many of the up and surfing, at least a little, almost immediately. Colleen and Christina both got up and had some success. And they kept heading back out for more until the class was called back to shore.

I'm not sure who in the family has picked these two in the family Christmas draw, but I'll just say that both Colleen and Christina really enjoyed their lesson and showed signs of becoming surfer girls.

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