Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fourth Golf Game of 2009

I was unable to scare up a golf partner in Andy's absence (he was traveling), so I headed out this afternoon to Midway Par 3 to hit a bucket of balls (with the big clubs) and play 18 holes of par-3 pitch and putt.

I decided to make it another two-ball practice round. I kept a high score and a low score for each hole. My best ball score for the first 9 holes was a respectable 31. Over the second 9, I hacked and chopped my way to a 35, to finish 12-over at 66.

It was absurdly hot today. I think we hit 90 degrees on the course. According to Weatherbug, the high at the UD College of Marine studies, by the water, was 87 and the high at the Sussex County Airport, inland at Georgetown, was 94. I know that had some affect on my play. I walked the course and carried an almost full bag. By the turn I could feel the heat. I started losing my swing to fatigue.

I was happy with the bucket of balls that I hit. I concentrated on my woods and drivers, since those are clubs I leave in my car on the Par-3 course. I may have a decent driver shot this year, though it slices. My 3-wood is respectable, and I have found a comfortable place with the hybrid 4. Off a good fairway lie, this will be a good distance club.

But I need to work on short chipping and putting. And staying well hydrated. I had forgotten how hot hot weather can be.

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Life On The Edges said...

I love Par-3s! There's one in Dover where you can play all day for something like $12-15. They also rent clubs and carts for your bag. We used to go play every weekend, sometimes twice, but the past few years I've been too busy. :(

Who would've thought we'd be hearing heat advisories in April? It was mid-90s in the Dover area both yesterday and today, according to the bank thermometers.

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