Wednesday, January 7, 2009


A tweet this evening from Daily Show producer Miles Kahn (meta #1) pointed me to an article on the New York Observer web site, All That Twitters, (meta #2) which looks at the growth of twitter through the recent twitter-recruitment of Mr. Kahn by Daily Show performer John Hodgman:
“Producer miles Kahn thinks twitter is a waste of human time and resources,” Mr. Hodgman “tweeted” on his account, titled @hodgman, from his iPhone. “Obviously I agree with him, but I still like him,” he added.

A few minutes later, Mr. Kahn gave in and started his own account: @mileskahn. Mr. Hodgman linked to Mr. Kahn’s page and, almost instantly, hundreds of the more than 25,000 of Mr. Hodgman’s fans who subscribe to his Twitter updates started following @mileskahn.

I have to admit. I am one of the Hodgman fans who started following Miles Kahn that day (meta #3). I followed that exchange, and the good natured banter it engendered, and I continue to enjoy their twittering. (Mr. Kahn had a story idea shot down today).

This does all seem very circular. And I fully recognize that I'm over-twittered. But I'm enjoying twitter and I follow many people in my profession whose tweets add to my regular environmental scanning.

It's all about communication.

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