Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Bi-Partisan Yard

I found this mix of yard signs on a property in Lewes on a walk with the lovely Karen yesterday. It was nice to see a bipartisan mix of support in one yard:
  • Joe Booth, (incumbent) Republican candidate for the local state House seat.
  • Barack Obama, Democratic Presidential Nominee (and, I hope to God, our next President).
  • Joan Deaver, Democratic candidate for the local County Council seat.
  • Jack Markell, Democratic candidate for (and likely the next) Governor of Delaware.
  • Gary Simpson, (incumbent) Republican candidate for the local state Senate seat.
I think this shows the power of incumbency in a small place. Of these five races, only two aren't "open" seats; these are the ones for which this property owner is supporting Republicans. As a side note, I think at least one of the Republican incumbents here is probably worthy of re-election.

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I love it!

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