Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Delaware Blogs

Today was gray and rainy and, aside from a run to the bank and the library and the normal kid-carting, perfect for some on-line loitering. I spent some time, therefore, poking around the web in search of more Delaware blogs to add to my ever-expanding list.

I use to track, categorize, and blog-roll a variety of blog-links over on the left side there. I keep a list of Delaware blogs in general, a list of (mostly Delaware) political blogs, and a list of other blogs I enjoy.

Sometimes I wonder why I've let myself get sucked into so obsessively tracking the blogs here in Delaware. The web is meant to be a global community, and much of what I do on-line aligns with my communities of interest -- geospatial data, music, the Dead, blogging itself. Yet I still like to track those blogs that focus here on the 2,000 square miles of the First State. It is where I live, I suppose, and these are the people I see most often.

So here are some Delaware blogs I found today (and a few days ago too). In no particular order. A few are just-started; an early New Year's resolution or a Christmas present to the self. Others are a months or more old and have been hiding in plain sight.
  • Bring Me Up -- A series of music reviews.
  • Frank's Ramblings!! -- Frank posts things he finds on his daily travels.
  • Creative Rants from Nerissa -- She says it is "her page; her rants." But there's more than ranting here.
  • Blog Avenue -- "Jen's City Blog." About life in Wilmington, I think.
  • Clockwork Jalopy -- "...where I park my many ideas and weird views." We all need that.
  • Bienvenue Chez Seals -- A transplanted Frenchwoman in upstate Delaware.
  • Just Purge -- "Clear your mind. Cleanse your soul."
  • On Transmigration -- "Gay, Happy, not quite Ecstatic, and moving on to a new life and responding well to therapy."
  • Jenny Q -- A mom From Newark, Delaware. With a teen. Bless her.
  • katielynn -- Newlywed woman in Delaware.
  • Everyday Hustle and The Fine Print -- These appear to be two young friends upstate. They each have their own blog, but there are cross-references.
  • Useless Entertainment -- Music reviews, from Milton, Delaware.
  • Another Gun Blog -- "...a 22 year old law clerk / college student and a gun nut."
  • Blue Hen Hash House Harriers -- "...announcements and write ups for the Blue Hen Hash House Harriers, a Delaware drinking club with a running (stumbling) problem."
  • Object of Complacency -- A young man. I think a Delaware high school student.
  • Shoreman -- Keeping an eye on the shore from the Delaware side of Delmar.
  • It's All Greek To Me! -- A teacher at a (Delaware?) Greek charter school.
  • along the way -- She is "a writer, a minister, a friend, a sister, a daughter, and a wanderer" who also "manage[s] a church camp and conference grounds" in Bethany Beach, Delaware.
  • VibrantPolitics -- A young man in Newark closely following the Democratic primaries.
  • Average Girl In Average World -- An average person. Who blogs.
  • Delaware Venable -- Fairly tightly focused on religion. Right-leaning Christian variety. A retired state trooper.
You may notice that most of these are Blogger blogs. My cheat for today was to surf the "Delaware" tag in Blogger's profiles. I like to do that every once in a while. This time of year is usually a good time to find new blogs.

I will, of course, continue my practice of checking all of the blogs I link to each month to see if they are still active. Those with a month or more without new posts are moved out of the blog-roll and onto the inactives list. I do track their RSS feeds to try to catch them and re-add them when they come back to regular posting.

There are a small number of Delaware-based blogs that I find that I choose not to link to. These tend towards the virulently racist and anti-semetic. As a general rule, I don't link to blogs that feature collections of fascist iconography. Call me intolerant. It's my blog-roll.


Nancy Willing said...

Very enticing list! I wish the WNJ was as diligent with their blog roll updates.

Happy New Year Mike ;-)

Paul said...

Thanks for finding me Mike!

Meg said...

Thanks for the link!

the cajun said...

Hey, thanks for the link to my place. I just read your post about hunting up your family's past. I was just encouraged to do the same thing. Don't know where to start. I know we came from France, but don't know how to search for the info.

Mike W. said...

Thanks for the link!

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