Thursday, October 25, 2007

As The Phrase Turns

On a conference call at work today, a colleague coined a phrase that stuck in my ear. I had to write it down, bring it home, and share it here:
You don't know what it is really going to be until it really is.
This is grammatically suspect, and sounds redundant. But I like it.

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lharles said...

I had a coworker of mine say something a while back that stuck in my mind like the thin shell of popcorn that gets stuck in between teeth... :)

He said:

"It's not a lie, it's just a change in the truth."

I haven't found a good occasion to use it yet, but I liked that one myself. :)

I was doing a search on the wacky Google for the following:

"delaware humor"

...and after drilling down through some other pages, I found yours.

I'm tryin' to make contact with some folks from various states and get them to visit my blog. Nothing fancy, not selling anything, I'm just looking for a quick visit to the blog. :) It's a sort of experiment I'm doing.

I'm eight states short of a full set at this point and Delaware is one o' the states I'm missin'. :)

So, if you'd be so kind, click through my profile and visit me at Random Statements!

{...please forgive the emoticons / smiley faces...I'm somewhat addicted to em'...}


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