Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

Tom has posted the text of the Declaration of Independence over at TommyWonk. The Fourth is always a good time to re-read this document and reflect on why and how our nation came into being.

This year, it's more than ever true.

I thought about posting earlier this week on the commutation of Scooter Libby's prison sentence. It does, after all, symbolize the state of our nation today.

I couldn't do it. I'm too depressed about where we've come to. I'm exasperated. I'm angry.

And yet there is a small germ of hope. People do protest. People do speak up. We may yet return to the ideals expressed in memorable prose 231 years ago.

Happy Fourth.


Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

I'm angry too, and find it hard to celebrate who we are right now as a country. Although we have come a long way. I hope we do not continue in the current direction.

Perhaps today we could think about how much freedom, soveriegnty can mean to people who would die for it.

Matt M. #29 said...

Every once in while our nation seems to fall down hard and look completely stupid for half a generation or so. We do some goofy, stupid thing, often thinking we are completely in the right, and it takes a while before our faces turn red and we try to fix what we have wrought upon ourselves (or the world).

In the past this has led to some of our big leaps forward. (It's late and I don't have the energy to expand on that or give examples. Think about it though.) (The Civil Rights Act comes to mind.)

Anyway. I look at the last seven years as one of these periods. We turned in the wrong direction. Badly. Really. I mean super bad. The 2006 elections were the beginning of the shift (lurch?) back in the right direction. And it appears that idiot-boy intends to maintain his pace to be the worst President in history, so the 2008 elections may move us more away from this nightmare.

Don't despair too much. We have endured what may have been one of the most destructive administrations in our history, but we're still kicking. And it may not be too late to fix some of his less ghastly mistakes.

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